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On the 5th of August 2008 I logged onto my Bank of Queensland account, via the Internet, to transfer some funds and do some BPAY(tm) accounts. My previous logon was about 5 days earlier.

So I put in my customer number and password and next I get a set of Terms & Conditions to read, the document is dated 8th of July 2008.  At the bottom of this document I get an “accept” or  a “decline” box, to click on. So I print out the document and discover 23 pages of the usual sort of stuff that bank’s put in these kinds of documents. Not wanting to read it there and then....I decide to “decline” for the time being.

Well, no guesses for what happens next.......I am immediately “logged off” by the site, for not accepting the T & C’s.

No warning of this change of T&C’s had been given by the bank previously, even though the document was dated over 3 weeks earlier.

Whilst the bank is entitled to make whatever changes it deems to its T & C’s when it wants to.......its their very poor method of delivery that is the problem, not to mention their even poorer attitude, when dealing with me as a customer., about it.

Expecting me to read a whole 23 pages of T & C diatribe, BEFORE I could continue to do the work with my account at that login time, is nothing but standover tactics. They should have simply added the changes to the current T & C’s as of the 8th of July 2008 and include the full 23 page document as well.

So I call their customer support number to complain about the situation and am told, there is no one right now, to speak with me. So I ask to be put through to my Branch Manager and I am then told my Branch does not have a Manager right now!

6th August 2008

I spend the morning running around town, physically paying my BPAY(tm) accounts and transfer funds etc and prepare for a 5 day road trip away. Late that afternoon I get a voice mail msg on my mobile and its a person from the bank calling wanting to know whats going on. Since its after hours I can’t call so I thought I will deal with it when I get back from my trip.

13th August 2008

I call the Bank to see what’s happening and am told that a Customer Relations person will call, which they did. So, I reiterated my complaint about the method of delivering the T & C’s and I was told basically, thats how the bank does it. I stated that my “other” bank treats me a little better than that, they just put a bulletin screen up, after “log on” and simply say “by accessing this site, you agree to our Terms & Conditions” no boxes to click “accept” or “decline” and the changes are shown.

I ask to take it further and request to speak with a Department Manager, that request was declined, as the “Customer Relations Manager” was out of state. I was then told that he would contact me, on return to his office about the middle of the following week, I was happy with that.

22nd August 2008

I have not heard from the “Customer Relations Manager” So I call the original “Customer Relations” person that I was dealing with (helps to remember names!) He was unavailable and I was asked to leave a voice mail, which I did. After no return call for 4 hours, I called back and was again told he was unavailable and then asked by the person I was speaking with...what was my problem. So, I repeat my complaint and stress that I would like to hear from someone of authority on the matter, as I felt I was being fobbed off. I asked that maybe the best solution was to simply draw out my significant savings and take my business, elsewhere.

Suddenly, the “unavailable” person, became available! He told me that the “Customer Relations Manager” has sent me a letter, I asked what was in it and was told “don’t know”

27th August 2008

Today the letter arrives, no guesses what it says!



So, looks like the bank’s decision is final.

Looking at the letter, and I quote

 “The final decision was made to display the full Terms & Conditions as this gives the customer the opportunity accept the Terms & Conditions in their entirety and print them should they wish to refer to them at a later date”

So what this means is, accept the T & C’s after logging in, print them out and read them later. AFTER you have accepted them. Ideally, before accepting any document like those T & C’s, they should be read in their entirety, BEFORE acceptance.

You have to wonder, is it fair to expect a customer to do this, with NO prior warning to logging on to an account, especially since the document was dated some 3 weeks earlier and is 23 pages long?

OK, since my account is linked to a savings EFTPOS card for use in ATMs as well as retail shop outlets, are the T & C’s applicable to the card that operates the account? I have not as of today, accepted the T C’s vial Internet Banking, but my card still works OK! Has the bank branch asked me to physically sign the T & C’s when I have visited the Branch? NO, they have not.

Well I guess the answer is here, I quote page 15 of the T & C diatribe

Para 9.1 Terms and Conditions of Electronic Access Methods

You are bound by the terms and conditions relating to the use of an Electronic Access Method when you first use it, and each subsequent use of the Electronic Access Method constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions then in force”

The bank itself even states in its own T & C’s that by accessing Internet banking or use of its ATM’s, I have accepted their T & C’s!

So WHY the need for the inconvenience and insult of having to use an “accept” or “decline” requirement, to continue access to my account, when according to the T & C’s, I have accepted them, by the mere fact of “logging on” to my account, or using my card at an ATM?

What a load of bs02

I thought that by having an account with a small home state bank, I just MIGHT get a little bit better and more personal service than the big banks provide, seems like I was wrong on that one!

I just wonder what other customers think?

Drop me an email: radio at irock dot com dot au


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