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Cunard   Queen Mary 2 Debacle


Booking a Voyage on Queen Mary 2 Update 24/02/10

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This site tells some of the stories of ripoffs I have experienced. Ripoffs range from unhappiness with a business transaction through to plain, outright deliberate fraud.

Standover tactics by Federal & State Government Departments etc.

In trying to resolve a bad business situation in which you personally feel ripped off, it is wise to firstly try using your personal skills of negotiation with the person, or business concerned. If this does not succeed, then there are more choices to try and fix the problem. They may involve complaints to someone higher in the food chain, Importers/Distributors of a product etc, Government regulators?

If you follow the steps and document your resolution process attempts and you still fail, you can then pull out all the stops, turn to the Media or Legal profession.

Remember, if you donít have a go, you donít have much chance of solving your problem!


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